A77 Haggstone and Glen App Improvement, Scotland, UK

Detailed design check of highway widening and improvement scheme
R J McLeod
End Client:
Transport Scotland

The aim of the scheme was to provide overtaking opportunities for Northbound vehicles leaving the ferry port of Cairnryan, thereby easing congestion and reducing journey times.

Tony Gee was the detailed design checker for the highway and geotechnical aspects for the improvement works. The scheme comprises two sections:

Haggstone Climbing Lane – 2 km long, comprising widening of the existing 2-lane road to provide a third overtaking lane, rising from 20 m OD to 55 m OD up the south-eastern side of the Glen App valley.

Glen App Carriageway improvement – 1.5 km long comprising a new straightened road alignment to remove a series of bends on undulating ground.

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