Alan Lambert

Alan Lambert, Highways Director
Role: Highways Director
Location: Esher
Years with Tony Gee: 24
What is it like working at Tony Gee?

Most of my workload is Design and Build, there is a huge variety of work which I love and it is always challenging and pushing knowledge boundaries. This is what makes me want to come into work every day: the technical challenges and the fact every scheme is different.

I have worked for larger consultancies before and you are just part of a big hierarchy. At Tony Gee you feel like part of the family, there is no hierarchy and you are all mucking in together as part of one big team.

Are there any projects that you are particularly proud of?

They all make me proud, you feel immensely satisfied when you see a highways scheme you have designed being constructed outside. That is just part and parcel of being a civil engineer but what is great here is that we get to see it so often.

In terms of your career, are you where you thought you would be?

I think that as a graduate you just hope to get chartered but what I try to instil in people is to look past that and to decide where you want to go next. I never thought I would own part of the company so that has surpassed my expectations, given that I started as a technician and left school at 16 with no A-Levels I have vastly exceeded what I thought of myself.

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