Josh Fletcher

Josh Fletcher, Graduate Engineer
Role: Graduate Engineer
Location: Ashford
Years with Tony Gee: Five
Tell us about your journey to this point

I’ve come through the University of Surrey ICE Scholarship route. It is a series of milestones, you have to fill in a report, go to interviews and complete the matching process. I was fortunate enough to get matched to Tony Gee, since then I have done one summer placement and am now on a full year of professional training, which is almost at its end.

What was your first summer placement like?

I spent my first summer in the Structures Group, checking temporary works for the Forth Replacement Crossing. That was a really good introduction, it was all steel design and that was really useful when I went back to university as there was an entire module on what I had been doing all summer.

How has your placement year been?

I have spent the past year with the Marine Group in the Ashford office which has been really interesting. There is quite a mixture of projects to get involved with. I have done quite a lot of steel designs on access frames, temporary works and a small amount of permanent works design. It has involved a lot of quite difficult temporary works where there have been challenges or conditions present that other companies have shied away from. That has been a really good experience because there has not been a simple or straightforward answer. If I had any questions I have always felt able to go up to anyone, the support is brilliant.

Do you feel as though the experience you have gained is going to help you academically as well as just being a more rounded engineer?

Undoubtedly, I think as I progressed over the year I hadn’t realised how much I had improved. Learning through doing rather than just hearing it in lectures is much more interesting and makes you much more resourceful.

What do you think about our student scheme?

Student week is really fantastic; students from the different offices are brought together and taken on a tour of different sites. I think it is really important to see things in action to understand what is actually going on. We went to the Thameslink Depot and some of the steel and concrete works going in there were quite sizeable. I think when you are doing calculations it is very easy to say that something will work without actually appreciating to sheer size of it.

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