Justin Ryan

Justin Ryan, Regional Manager
Role: Regional Director
Location: Ashford
Years with Tony Gee: Four
What attracted you to work for Tony Gee?

The company was always on my radar as an imaginative organisation and I found it appealing that they found innovative solutions to solve technical problems such as Marsh Mills Interchange in Plymouth; this was when I first came across Tony Gee. I think coming from a contracting background, examples such as these greatly impressed me – they seemed quite daring and radical in a way and looking back it was examples such as this that caught my own imagination. When I joined Tony Gee, I was at the point in my career where I wanted to continue managing a business but still retain technical involvement in projects. I like technical decision making and I believe it is essential to maintain these skills; the advantage of my role with Tony Gee is that I can do that.

Do you think that the opportunity to still carry out technical work in the higher levels of Tony Gee is part of the company’s culture?

Emphatically yes; the more senior members of the team and the Directors of the company take part in the delivery of schemes – we don’t simply manage others. In my experience having been with Tony Gee for just over a year, and speaking to key clients, this is where the value is added. When clients talk to a senior person on a scheme, they will be speaking to someone who is in command of the details and can make decisions quickly.

What is it that you enjoy most about your job?

The variety of my daily tasks. Anything from the strategic planning aspects of being a Director, making local connections, talking to clients and understanding what they need, then leading and managing a talented team with all their various personalities in response to that. I like dealing with people and it’s fascinating to see what makes the variety of people tick.

What do you think has been your most rewarding moment at Tony Gee?

I am most proud of the progress we have made in diversifying into certain sectors and establishing new relationships, which I hope will stand us in good stead going forward. I’ve managed to make good progress in raising our profile with key clients in my region. But this would not be sustainable if it wasn’t due in great part to having a senior team that because of their instinctive professionalism and responsiveness in delivering projects means those clients want to come back and use Tony Gee in particular again – this forms the basis for client development, and our own continuing professional development. I see this aspect of my role as serving them and their aspirations so I am proud when it comes off.

If you wanted to pursue a different avenue to develop your career, do you feel that Tony Gee will support you?

The company is instinctively supportive and I personally get a great deal of support from the individual members of the Executive Board. I think this underlines the advantage of being in a smaller organisation where you can have a real relationship with Directors and I try to reflect that to encourage members of my team to explore avenues within our capability and our general strategy. I encourage staff to seek out training opportunities as a means of enriching their skills and daily experience and our capability.

What would you say to encourage someone to work for Tony Gee?

For anyone at any stage of their career who seeks an outlet for their imagination and takes pride in the detail of making things work with our clients’ interests at heart then this is the place. We also have a healthy student and graduate intern culture which gives people responsibility early and matches that with the resources and encouragement to deliver and develop. We have recognised industry experts and specialist disciplines to draw upon, but there is often a necessity to apply your skills across disciplines which requires good fundamental knowledge and personal flexibility and means there is an appealing variety of problems to solve for flexible people. For my part my aim is to provide and encourage a supportive environment in which this can happen at every level in our local structure.

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