Kamal Matharu

Design Engineer (Level 2)
Years with Tony Gee:
What do you most enjoy about your role?

It’s the variety of work; you could be working on a bridge one day and a railway embankment the next. You get exposure to everything. That is what keeps me going really. The company offers flexible working hours which really benefits me as I have a long commute.

What do you think about the level of responsibility you have and what is the support like?

It’s quite interesting; the Directors treat you as a Project Engineer right from graduate level. At the beginning you have smaller jobs and there is always someone to help you. I sit near Directors and can just go and talk to them about a scheme. The office is open plan so if you feel there is someone with a skill in a certain area that could help you then you can just go and talk to them.

Responsibility is handed to you from the beginning, that has been going on throughout my career here and it is good that there is that element of trust. At Tony Gee you are treated like a professional and you end up behaving like one.

What are your favourite projects?

My favourite project that I worked on would have to be the East London Line. We did the designs in the office and I was able to go out on site and see them being built. Blackfriars Rail Bridge was also a similar experience as I worked on the design and then went out on site.

Do you feel that your career now is where you expected it to be nine years ago when you were starting at Tony Gee?

Yes, I did not think I would have so much experience at this point. I am currently applying for chartership via the Technical Report Route which requires seven years of technical experience. I recently attended a course and whilst others were struggling to find experience, I found I had so much technical experience I did not know what to pick!

Kamal Matharu, Design Engineer

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