Kirsty Jamieson

Kirsty Jamieson, Principal Engineer
Role: Associate Specialist
Location: Glasgow
Years with Tony Gee: Five
What attracted you to work at Tony Gee?

I was ready for a change in my career and was keen to come to Tony Gee because of the nature of the projects and the variety of work available, I wanted to broaden my technical experience and enhance the experience that I already had. I felt that Tony Gee could offer me a more defined career path with real opportunities for progression.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Definitely working in a team and the people I work with. This also includes working with the other offices within Tony Gee and the fact that it is quite a small company has meant that I have worked with lots of people in all of the Tony Gee offices and it’s a pool of resources and technical knowledge. You get an appreciation for the depth and breadth of the technical knowledge that the company has.

How has your career developed since being at Tony Gee?

I‘ve definitely broadened both my technical experience and the range of clients that I have worked with. I feel I have a much wider understanding of various kinds of engineering, which is good for me and the company as we are not pigeonholed onto one field.

Is there anything you would say to encourage someone to come and work for Tony Gee?

If you are interested in broadening your experience then Tony Gee is a good company to come to because due to its size you have opportunity to do so. From my experience people always complain about being pigeonholed and only seeing one kind of work but at Tony Gee this does not happen, it is definitely a benefit in your development. There are no distinct sub-teams so we all get the opportunity to work with each other on the current schemes in the office.

Here at the Glasgow office we are very sociable and there is a good mix of people. We are also lucky as the office is right in the city centre.

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