Liam Kimberley

Liam Kimberley
Role: BIM Manager
Location: Esher
Years with Tony Gee: Five
What attracted you to Tony Gee?

From my first interview, I could clearly see that Tony Gee was interested in training and development even though I was applying as a contract CAD Technician. The thing that stuck out the most for me was finding out that all of the Project Engineers, Project Managers and Directors in Tony Gee are all excellent engineers who have worked their way up through the engineering route. Having Directors and Project Managers who are engineers and understand the technical aspects of the work really appealed to me. When I left my interview I knew that this was somewhere I wanted to be.

I was intrigued by the technical nature of the projects that Tony Gee works on as I could see myself developing in Tony Gee rather than just staying in one place. I knew that I could really use and grow the skills that I had developed at University and as a CAD Technician.

How has your career developed since you have been with Tony Gee?

After a few months of working at Tony Gee I was about to head back to finish my final year at University and I was offered the opportunity to help in the BIM Action Group team. I worked one day a week whilst I was at University to develop the BIM process, help write the BIM Manual and produce BIM guidance notes. It was a great opportunity and I really learned a huge amount from that one day a week.

After I had finished University I was offered a full time position at Tony Gee and that was when the Executive Board asked me if I wanted to be the BIM Manager.

What is it that you enjoy most about your job?

The best part is the research, developing new ways of doing things, new processes and improving efficiency is definitely the most rewarding part of what I do.

Developing the British Standards for BIM to work in the Tony Gee environment and across all the offices has been a challenge and everyone is still working hard to account for all the discipline requirements so every time we find a solution to even the smallest of issues it feels very rewarding.

I can imagine that one of your greatest achievements is getting BIM implemented in all of the offices in a relatively short amount of time?

Yes. We have made big changes to the documentation issue processes, quality control and the way our software works by developing Tony Gee’s interfaces. The software interfaces have been particularly rewarding as they are providing visible and instantaneous efficiencies for everyone using them. So much has been done and implemented and it has worked on the larger scale as well. We are working with some of the market leaders who are really pushing the boundaries with BIM to continue to develop our internal processes and procedures as well as the way we deliver information to our clients. The clients I have worked with have said that they enjoy working with us as we have the same aspirations as they do.

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