Rob Allen

Rob Allen, Associate Director
Role: Associate Director
Location: Stonehouse
Years with Tony Gee: 18
What attracted you to come and work at Tony Gee?

My attraction to Tony Gee was the size of the company. You do work in quite close proximity to directors rather than being on the end of a line and I quite liked that the size of the company meant that you would be working directly with directors and senior staff so that you can improve your knowledge of the engineering field.

What is it that you enjoy most about your job?

I think that it is the office and site balance. We get to meet with contractors and pick up a project from the very beginning. We are not just making numbers work, we are looking at all aspects and taking it through the detailed design phase and then offering site support during construction. That’s something I enjoy about my job, even now from quite a senior position I get to go out and see conceptual designs come all the way through to completion.

Do you think that it is helpful to see things that you have designed or worked on being built?

Definitely, a lot of things that we do, especially on the railways is about how we can build something quickly and safely, using knowledge from other people as well. It broadens your knowledge knowing the contractors’ and the clients’ views and understanding what they want. I think it is quite important that we do go out as often as we can to make sure that what we are designing is what people want.

Are there any projects or milestones that you are particularly proud of?

It is nice to see the progression of your career, I started out at Tony Gee as a graduate of a couple years and have progressed to associate director level.

Project wise there are a couple of cliff projects that stand out – Friog and Dawlish. They are projects that we picked up on day one and took through to completion. I like the problem solving aspect, understanding what is needed from the client and delivering it on time. It is also having the back up from the various people who I work with on these projects as well, it’s important to have a good team.

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