Rosario Barcena

Rosario Barcena, Regional Director
Role: Regional Director
Location: St Albans
Years with Tony Gee: Four
What attracted you to a career with Tony Gee?

The good reputation of the company, the role I was proposed and the career progression that came with the role were all factors that helped me to make my decision to join Tony Gee.

What does your role entail and how could you see this developing in the future?

On the one hand it is office management and on the other I act as a Project Engineer. I manage the design team within that project. There is a good balance between the two.

You always learn every day and even in my short time at Tony Gee my career has developed. One of the main reasons I came to Luton was the career development opportunities within my role in terms of management and leadership

What would you say to someone who was looking to join your team?

There is a fantastic team of people that you will be working with and there is no hierarchy of seniority in the office. It is very much like being in a big family. From a work experience perspective, the projects the Luton office have are very diverse within the rail environment and you get the opportunity to see the whole lifecycle of the project i.e. from conception to construction, which is great for career development and creating a foundation for the skills set.

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