Sustainability is at the heart of our business. Our reputation and success depend on our social, environmental and economic performance as a business and for our clients. Our experience and expertise give us the ability to create practical, sustainable solutions that meet the needs of our client and also the social and economic needs of the wider community.

Our approach to sustainability in relation to our business activities fall into three distinct areas:

  1. Our Projects – How we reduce the impacts and take opportunities to enhance sustainable outcomes from our designs
  2. Our Places – how we manage our operational impacts from the business
  3. Our People and Communities – how we deliver social value for our employees and the places where we work

Tony Gee has signed up to the “Pledge to Net Zero” with the objective of reducing our operational carbon emissions and the “Engineers Declare Climate and Biodiversity Emergency” with the commitment to work with our clients to reduce carbon footprint on our designs and provide enhanced biodiversity.

Sustainability News

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