Bahrain US Navy Bridge, Bahrain

Construction stage assistance for moving the bridge to its final location
Contrack-NASS JV
End Client:
US Navy

A key project from 2013 was that of a tied arch bridge in Bahrain for the US Navy. The Navy had two parts to its base on the island separated by the six lane Shaikh Isa Bin Salman Highway. The contract worth $8 million was let to Contrack – NASS and the plan was always to build the bridge offline and move it into the position over the road.

Tony Gee was engaged as the contractor’s Engineer and as such we were responsible for: development of the scheme to move the bridge, design of the temporary works associated with the move, design of the ground works required and protection to services, erection stress analysis, development of the detailed construction sequence, pre-camber derivation and communication of that to ensure full fit up of bracing connections to the arch.

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Bahrain US Navy Bridge, Bahrain