Grand design

Grand Maitreya Buddhist Stupa

Tony Gee is set to design the world’s tallest Buddhist shrine. The classic Buddhist stupa, 108 m high, will be uniquely combined with a 54 m bronze statue of the Maitreya Buddha and stand at the head of the new Grand Maitreya Buddhist complex.

As Mongolia rapidly progresses as one of the fastest growing economies in the world, it faces the challenge of balancing traditional values with contemporary development. The complex, with its stunning symbolic 21st century monument, will be a centre of Mongolian cultural heritage. It will combine the valuable Buddhist traditions of the country with modern art, design and engineering advancements.

The design had been started previously by others and the foundations partly built. The stupa design was then changed.

Having been represented in Mongolia by Achbayar Luvsansharav since February 2012, Tony Gee was selected by the Grand Maitreya Foundation because state-of-the-art levels of design were required, built to international standards.

The new design will incorporate as much of the existing foundation as possible.

December 2012

Grand Maitreya