Successful installation at Bahrain Flyover

Successful installation at Bahrain Flyover

The new U.S. Navy Flyover Bridge was successfully installed at the end of January. The $8m contract joins the two parts of the Navy base currently separated by the 6-lane Shaikh Isa bin Salman Highway. The permanent works design was carried out by HNTB when they were retained as the Navy’s consultant.

On behalf of Contrack International, Tony Gee was engaged as the contractors engineer and as such we were responsible for:

  • Development of the scheme to move the bridge
  • Design of the temporary works associated with the move
  • Design of the Ground works required and protection to services
  • The Erection Stress Analysis
  • Development of the detailed construction sequence
  • Pre-camber derivation and communication of that to ensure full fit up of bracing connections to the arch

The Bridge is an elegant tied Arch, 122.5m long, 21m high and weighs 2650T. The hangers are Redaelli locked coil cables and the tie to the arch is provided by the post-tensioned concrete deck. The deck itself is very slender and varies between 250 at the cantilever tip and 364mm at the centre of the deck cross-section.

The transportation of the bridge took approximately 24 hours with the majority of movement occurring between 2130 and 0730 of the night of Thursday 30th and Friday 31st. De-stressing and transfer of the load to the bearings was completed on Saturday 1st. The ramps will now be completed and the bridge will open for use by the Navy in July/August of this year.

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