Tony Gee take part in Bridges to Prosperity

Tony Gee is taking part in the Bridges to Prosperity (B2P) initiative.

Tony Gee will be working in collaboration with Contractors Raymond Brown Construction, and will both depart the UK for Rwanda in late August.

B2P is an initiative set up to provide aid to impoverished countries worldwide by providing communities with the knowledge and tools to be able to build a bridge over previously impassable rivers and other elemental hazards.

Our B2P project will be in the secluded village of Kigohe, which is based in the South Province of Rwanda. Kigohe is located nine miles east from the Southern Province’s capital Nyanza.

10 volunteers (five each from Tony Gee and Raymond Brown Construction) will collaborate to help the 6500 strong community replace their existing makeshift crossing with a suspension bridge in 10-12 days.

The river in question swells in size during the rainy season which can last over seven weeks, rendering it impossible to cross and cutting locals adrift from Government services.

This has led to the river being infamously dubbed ‘Umujura’ (Thief in Kinyarwandan) by the locals. This is because the river has laid claim to the lives of their friends and families that have attempted to make the crossing in these dangerous conditions.

The bridge will allow locals to access neighbouring communities, in turn boosting local economy and providing links to healthcare and education.

The team are looking to raise £13,000 in funds by organising a host of events. You can follow their progress and donate by visiting:

May 2016