Dover to Folkestone line reopens three months ahead of schedule

On Monday 5th September the Dover to Folkestone railway line reopened to the public three months ahead of schedule, after a nine-month project to repair the line.

In December 2015 the route had to be closed after a severe storm. The extent of the damage meant that reconstruction was on a much wider scale compared to the widely reported emergency works at Dawlish in 2014.

Working with Costain on behalf of Network Rail, Tony Gee completed the design of repairs to the sea wall. Our solution incorporated a 235m long concrete viaduct, rock armour revetment, a sea spray protection wall, a new culvert and a fibre reinforced polymer footbridge.

This unique approach ensured that the works were completed in the fastest time possible and were sustainable and value for money

Rail Group Director Tony Westlake comments:

“After the success of the Dawlish Sea Wall project we were in a unique position to bring our expertise to this challenge.”

“I’m incredibly proud to be involved in the Dover Sea Wall project. Our design team worked closely with Costain and Network Rail to understand the problem and cause of the failure, and then develop the right solution.”

“What has been achieved since Christmas is outstanding and would not have been possible without the high level of collaboration throughout.”

September 2016

Dover to Folkestone line reopens three months ahead of schedule