Tony Gee become official members of WISE Campaign

Tony Gee has become official members of the Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Campaign. The aim of the WISE campaign is to inspire girls and women to study and build careers within science, technology, engineering and maths industries (STEM).

WISE will be supporting Tony Gee by providing advice to help promote engineering as a career choice to aspiring females.

WISE will also be assisting the career development of women within Tony Gee.

With a number of upcoming events, Tony Gee is looking forward to future involvement across a number of initiatives.

Speaking about the recent affiliation, Executive Director Chris Young said:

“We have always had an open and friendly culture at Tony Gee and our STEM ambassadors are regularly involved in promoting the wider industry to a diverse range of audiences.

This latest formal commitment to the WISE campaign will help to promote our industry even further for women already in engineering.

The affiliation will also ensure future women engineers in schools and universities will continue to promote a culture where everyone can succeed at Tony Gee.

I look forward to being actively involved in this and to encourage others to join in too”

For more information, please visit WISE Campaigns official website

November 2016

Tony Gee join WISE Campaign