Tony Gee return to Rwanda for B2P

Following the success of the last years’ Bridges to Prosperity (B2P) project, Tony Gee and Raymond Brown Construction will be reprising their partnership to build a new bridge in Africa.

The team of 10 volunteers (five from each company) will be heading to Rwanda where they will be situated in Kiyumba, a village located two hours east of Kigali over a two week period that is due to place in July.

The community of Kiyumba is primarily made up of farmers that have to cross the Bakokwe River in order to access trade and other vital services. Due to the rainy season, this journey is rendered impossible for the villagers, with two residents dying and several injured attempting to cross the river last year.

The volunteers for this year will have a big challenge on their hands, due to the width of the Bakokwe river the team are preparing to construct a footbridge spanning 58 metres.

Tony Gee and Raymond Brown Construction are looking to raise £13,000. You can follow their progress and donate to their cause by visiting their MyDonate page.

April 2017

Tony Gee will again be linking up with Raymond Brown Construction for the Bridges to Prosperity initiative