Queensferry Crossing Officially Opened

Earlier today the new Queensferry Crossing was officially opened by The Queen.

The Queensferry Crossing is a cable-stayed bridge spanning two kilometres, with it’s key objective to reduce traffic congestion between Edinburgh and Fife and will now serve as the main route.

Tony Gee has been involved in the construction of the Queensferry Crossing. From the early stages of the construction the firm received a number of commissions from the Forth Crossing Bridge Constructors consortium (FCBC) for the temporary works on the project.

One of the first commissions was to undertake a category 3 check on the crane gantry used in the construction of the main pier caissons. The firm also designed the refurbishment works for factory sheds used to fabricate the deck sections. The expertise of our staff was called upon to assist FCBC with temporary works design for the foundations which are now buried in each pier of the bridge.

This also included Two Tony Gee engineers undertaking secondments to the FCBC as part of the £1.35bn scheme.

Before the bridge’s official opening, members of the public won the opportunity to walk across the new bridge. These lucky individuals also included two of our engineers.

September 2017

The Queen officially opened the Queensferry crossing on the 4th September