Tony Gee take Lottie on tour for Tomorrow’s Engineer Week

As part of Tomorrow’s Engineer Week 2017, Tony Gee took part in this years #LottieTour campaign.

With the UK currently needing roughly 186,000 people with engineering expertise annually through to 2024, Tomorrow’s Engineer Week was created to ‘provide a platform for employers to grow the talent pipeline as part of a collective drive’.

As part of this week, The Women’s Engineering Society (WES) Young Members Board created the #LottieTour, with support from Lottie Dolls, to inspire primary age girls to pursue a career in Engineering and Science.

To help spread awareness, our Twitter campaign told the story of ‘Lottie the Bridge Engineer’, who talked about life as a bridge engineer at Tony Gee.

Tony Gee Associate Director and WES member Kirsty Jamieson, who organised our #LottieTour said:

“I think Lottie is a wonderful example of how simple ideas can translate into a real force for change. As the mum of two girls I am continually dismayed by the lack of truly positive role models they have access to, especially when it comes to play.

Lottie is a girl who is as curious, active and fun as them. Using her in campaigns such as Tomorrow’s Engineers Week is a fantastic way to let all girls engage with ideas and activities beyond the prevalent social stereotypes they are so often exposed to.

I really enjoyed telling the story of Lottie the Bridge Engineer and the feedback from the Twitter feed has been excellent; I’ll need to start thinking about next year’s #LottieTour now!”

November 2017

As part of Tomorrow's Engineer Week 2017, Tony Gee has took part in this years #LottieTour campaign.