Chris Young named as new Executive Managing Director

Chris Young has been named as Tony Gee's new Executive Managing Director
Chris Young has been named Tony Gee’s new Executive Managing Director, taking over from Graham Nicholson.

Chris’ new role came into effect from the beginning of the year, where he will be charged with developing the business and enhancing Tony Gee’s reputation within the industry.

Speaking about the announcement, Chris said:

“2018 has provided me the honour of taking over the role of Executive Managing Director of Tony Gee from Graham Nicholson. Having been at Tony Gee for 24 years I have seen some major changes in the size and recognition of the company within the industry but I have also seen a consistent message of culture and attitude within the business in that time; engineers that put engineering first.

It is not often that people stay with one company for their whole working life, but that is the reality for me. I think I was extremely fortunate to find a company that from day one fitted my outlook on engineering and life in general, so while the name at the top of the page may be changing, the way Tony Gee does business will not be. Ahead lies a fascinating challenge for my colleagues and me to continue to take this business forward and to maintain the can-do culture that has epitomised the way Tony Gee works with our clients. It is a challenge that I am very much looking forward to and with an amazingly strong team of people around me, it is one that I am sure we will rise to.

For all the clients and contacts that I have worked with over the last 24 years, I look forward to many more successful years and projects with you and for those I am yet to meet I look forward to assisting you in your endeavours.”

January 2018