Maerdy Mountain Landslip receives critical acclaim

Maerdy Mountain Landslip won the Roy Edwards Award at the ICE Wales Cymru Awards
Maerdy Mountain Landslip has won the Roy Edwards Award at the ICE Wales Cymru Awards 2018.

Tony Gee worked with Alun Griffiths Contractors Ltd to repair a slipping section of the A4233 Maerdy Road situated on a steep mountainside near Aberdare, where Tony Gee designed a 145m long reinforced concrete edge beam.

The beam was founded upon a double row of staggered piles, offset to combat the push-pull effects of loading on the road carriageway. The scheme also involved construction of a 200m long reinforced aggregate matrix retaining wall. We also designed a drainage scheme for the entire mountain slope that required a large attenuation tank situated on a hairpin bend, this was to buffer flash inundations regularly experienced in this area of South Wales.

The judges said the project was notable for its community benefits and innovative design and construction. They were impressed with the way the works had been carried out on an exposed and steeply sloping hillside in a manner which minimised disturbance to the local community. This included the project team making the most of a short road closure to carry out construction works in a safe and expeditious manner. Another notable comment from the judges was the team’s ability to deliver road improvements and renewables at the same time.

June 2018