Tony Gee to take on fourth B2P

Following the success of previous years, Tony Gee and Knights Brown Bridges to Prosperity (B2P) team has now been given their project, which similar to last year is in Uganda.

Their goal is to construct a 64m long suspension bridge to provide aid for the village of Lulwo, located on the east side of Uganda, near the Kenyan border. The team are due to travel there in early August and have been set the time frame of two weeks to replace the existing bridge across the Bukwo River. The village of Lulwo is roughly an eight hour drive from Kampala.

This years team face an additional challenge, with the first volunteer from our Hong Kong office will mean the project will be coordinated over multiple time zones.

Currently they are working tirelessly to raise £15,000 to help them get to Uganda. You can follow their progress and donate by visiting their official MyDonate page.

B2P is an initiative set up to provide aid to impoverished countries worldwide by providing communities with the knowledge and tools to be able to build a bridge over previously impassable rivers and other elemental hazards.