Covid-19 Statement from Chris Young, Executive Managing Director

As the news surrounding the spread of COVID-19 continues to gather pace, we are taking this opportunity to let you know what we are doing as a business to protect our staff and clients, whilst also ensuring the continuity of our operations.

We are following official guidance from the UK Government and are taking the necessary steps required to comply with this guidance.  As a firm, which relies on people and technology, we have always taken delivery on our commitments and business continuity planning very seriously. As a result we have the technologies and policies in place which will enable us to work as normally as possible during these unusual times.

As all of our offices are now closed all of our employees are working from home. Our project delivery teams have the resources to support working remotely to ensure we maintain the health of both our staff and clients. This will not impact on the ability for us to complete work and we do not anticipate significant disruptions to our services during this time.

Furthermore, we are recommending to our project teams that they work with clients and partners to identify a variety of ways for meetings to take place virtually. We will be conducting meetings via skype, telephone or video conferencing.

We will continue to be contactable on our usual office numbers, which can be found on our website, and by email. We will ensure that our high level of client service and delivery will be impacted as little as possible.

We anticipate these could be very challenging times for our clients and we remain committed to providing the level of service for which we are renowned.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to get in touch with your usual Tony Gee contact.

Chris Young,
Executive Managing Director