Tony Gee an early adopter of the Talent Retention Scheme

Tony Gee is delighted to announce that we are a supporter of the Talent Retention Scheme (TRS) launched by The Construction Leadership Council.

Following a Government announcement last month, the independent employer led programme, is dedicated to supporting the attraction, development and retention of people and skills in UK manufacturing, engineering and technology.

The platform allows employers and candidates to register onto the platform and then search for roles or talented candidates in one place. The scheme is currently free to register for both parties and this will remain in place until April 2021 at the earliest. The TRS is also a great way to provide a level of trust between the employer and the candidate whilst also providing benefits to both parties.

Executive Managing Director, Chris Young, has praised the scheme saying:
‘I think that this a great idea and wanted Tony Gee to be a part of it from the outset. There have obviously been a number of short term immediate initiatives by the government to safeguard jobs, furlough, small business loans and these are all really useful, but the longer term aim of the TRS to keep people in our industry and offer longer term employment and hope to people is equally, if not more, important.

I liken this to the responses we see to natural disasters around the world, there is always an immediate humanitarian response required and this is often in terms of short term financial or material aid, but what helps the communities more in the longer term is training, investment in development and giving people the tools to help themselves. So this is giving people another tool to help themselves, no one wants to be paid for doing nothing forever, so while furlough was a welcome, and vital, immediate help for some, what they need now is longer term help to stay employed and to develop their careers in a great industry.’

John Wilkinson, Recruitment Manager, also feels particularly proud, to be involved with this incredible government backed initiative, saying; ‘having recruited consultant engineers through previous times of economic hardship, I truly understand the importance of retaining the brilliant talent the UK produces’.

To find out more information on this scheme and to register please follow this link here.