Buxton Crescent Hotel and Thermal Spa

Derbyshire, UK

Buxton Crescent Hotel and Thermal Spa is set to become only the second thermal spa in the UK.

Temporary works required for structural repairs amounted to over 8000 hours of design, spanning 150 design briefs. Driven by conservation and the requirement to protect the thermal springs below the buildings, the design solutions have been innovative and showcased some ingenious solutions to complex problems. Tony Gee and VINCI worked together to ensure this project was completed safely, whilst reataining the building’s defining Georgian features.

Most of our designs were approached in three phases; one initial stage in which we have undertaken surveys using non-intrusive methods of obtaining information. We have utilised laser cloud surveys to capture large areas of congested structure, ground penetrating radar to reveal routes of flues, and endoscopes to examine hidden, inaccessible parts of the building.

In a second phase, we developed ideas and discussed them on site with the contractor, the permanent works designer and the client. Regular meetings and workshops helped develop effective construction sequences.

During implementation, we were able to help the site team to overcome unforeseen issues due to lack of initial information and Tony Gee’s flexibility allowed changes to be made efficiently, leading to a positive impact on the final result.


SynopsisTemporary works design for extensive refurbishment of hotel
End ClientThe Buxton Crescent & Thermal Spa Co Ltd
Sectors and ServicesCommercial
Temporary works design
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