Dover Sea Wall, Kent, UK

Developed solutions for remedial works after railway line closure from severe cracking
Costain / Network Rail
ICE South East England Engineering Excellence Awards 2017 – Best Infrastructure Project Winner

Tony Gee was employed by Costain to design remedial works when the line between Folkestone and Dover was closed on the 24th December. The sea wall had suffered from severe cracking and sinkholes.
Through the latest BIM technology, the concrete detailing was approached using the Design for Manufacture and Assembly process (DFMA) which was essential in saving time in designing the structure works.

The DFMA process also allowed quick and close collaboration with manufacturers and third parties.

Other works included a concrete viaduct consisting of four sections of Piled Rafts to support two tracks, rock armour avetment, sea spray protection wall, a new culvert and a footbridge.

The footbridge designed by Tony Gee comprises of fibre reinforced polymer composite with resin infused joints, making it both lightweight and durable for use within a marine environment.

A project of this scale would have taken in excess of two years to complete. But through innovative design and the political will and clients desire, the railway line was opened three months earlier than expected.

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