Dubai Mall Road Bridge


The Road Bridge was a part of the project The Dubai Mall Zabeel Expansion (TDMZE), which was construction of a new multi-purpose building and associated infrastructure to link the existing Mall to the new building. The client body was Emaar and the main contractor was Multiplex.

Tony Gee were commissioned by Multiplex to provide services of the development and detailed design of road bridge from the existing design Dubai Mall car park to bridge over Financial Centre Road.

Tony Gee scope of work as per the document provided included: Structural design (concept, preliminary and detailed) of all bridge components, deck superstructure, piers and foundations. Construction methodology was developed and incorporated into the design. The design code used was AASHTO, using the British Standards to supplement where necessary.

The conceptualisation of the bridge was done taking into account the constraints viz. founding the bridge on the existing mall and thereby constraints on the load that could be transferred to the existing Dubai Mall structure, requirement of a lighter structure in certain areas due to non-feasibility of strengthening the existing structure, requirement of larger span in few spans due to passage of vehicles on the ramp underneath thereby needing strengthening of few existing columns, levels of the bridge being dictated by the connections to the new bridge on one side and to the existing mall parking levels on the other side.

Tony Gee has thus made an effort to provide a most efficient design for this bridge considering all the above constraints. The project demanded a very detailed analysis of the existing and new structure for assessing the load transfers and strengthening requirements and bespoke connection details for connecting the new bridge to the existing structure.


SynopsisDevelopment and Detailed Design of Dubai Mall Road Bridge
ContractorMultiplex COnstruction LLC – Middle East & Asia
End ClientEmaar
Sectors and ServicesRetail
Permanent works design
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