Hinkley Point C

Somerset, UK

Tony Gee has supported the main contractors at Hinkley Point C to design large scale temporary works. The construction methodology utilises a new heavy lift crane specially built for the project to reduce the construction programme and Tony Gee designed the reinforced concrete foundation to support the 500 metre long tracks and three 36m diameter slewing rings for the crane. The design required co-ordination with other parties on the site and between temporary works, permanent works and utilities. Two tunnels have been designed crossing under the crane foundation to allow pipes for pumping concrete to pass under the crane. Tony Gee designed the reinforcement in 3D using DfMA and have issued the 3D models to the client. The reinforcement detailers have learnt the client and project specific requirements for the 3D models.

Alongside the crane foundation, Tony Gee designed two concrete pumping stations and utilised an existing retaining wall to minimise new foundations. The design includes two reinforced concrete pool bunkers with sufficient x-ray protection to contain the radiation from construction testing. This included collaboration with the client and other parties to solve problems that have arisen and adjusted our design where required. Detailing the reinforcement in 3D has allowed the client to prefabricate much of the reinforcement offsite to minimise the site time.


SynopsisDesigner for temporary crane foundations and pumping stations
ContractorBYLOR (Bouygues TP & Laing O’Rourke)
End ClientEDF Energy PLC
Sectors and ServicesPower & Energy
Temporary works design
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