Lamberhurst Primary School

Kent, UK

Tony Gee Ashford was invited by Kent County Council to act as lead consultant and designer for this replacement retaining wall scheme. The 100m long wall is located at the back of a recently constructed primary school and is exposed to significant surface water runoff from a large natural slope located behind it. The original retaining wall was constructed from pressure treated timber posts, cast vertically into concrete foundations. Due to the incorrect species of timber being used at the time of construction, the wall had rotted through after only four years of service.

The request of the Head Teacher was to limit the loss of playground space, so the final design adopted a cranked reinforced concrete gravity wall, with an above ground profile and finish to match the original. Access to the playground was very restricted and all materials had to be transported in and out of the site by dumper truck. GSE Construction Ltd undertook the work during term time.

Tony Gee used the ICE Conditions of Contract for Minor Works to administer the contract and the 12 months defect correction period has just passed and the contract is now complete. The client and the school are delighted with the end result.


SynopsisTo design a remedial retaining wall solution to replace a failed timber log contiguous wall that has rotted through after 4 years in place
ContractorKent County Council Property Group
End ClientKent County Council
Sectors and ServicesEducation
Permanent works design
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