MTRC Light Railway Viaducts, Hong Kong

Design and detailing of all contract 510 sub-structure plus approach viaducts superstructure; temporary works components; M&E co-ordination
Dragages et Travaux Publics (Bouygues)

Tony Gee performed extensive consultancy work on MTRC’s Hong Kong’s Airport Railway. The railway serves to the airport and is supported in parts by balanced cantilever viaducts.

Tony Gee’s scope included the design of the sub-structure for the main crossing and approaches. The superstructure design totals 1100m of pre-cast post-tensioned viaducts in 30m spans, supporting the six tracks of the railway system. The deck consists of 3m long 1.9m deep pre-cast concrete box sections, erected using balanced cantilever techniques.

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MTRC Light Railway Viaducts