Network Rail Conarch Standard Designs

Detailed design development and checking of standard reinforced concrete conarch units to BS5400 & Eurocodes – as part of Network Rail’s efficiency programme using Standard Modular Designs
End Client:
Network Rail Infrastructure Investment

Network Rail’s Conarch Standard Design Contract involved the development of a more efficient solution than originally envisaged, through innovation.

The design provides a modular solution to gauge enhancement of existing masonry arch overbridges to provide a conarch internal profile that provides adequate clearances for the W12 freight profile and future overhead 25kV electrification. This includes a base unit elevation that can easily be extended to suit the span ranges between 7.4 and 9.4 metres, skew range between 0° and 45° and the arch rise of between 1911 and 2197mm.

The contract involved the development of geometric and structural options to be approved and adopted by Network Rail followed by the detailed design and drawing of precast components and construction methods and details.

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Network Rail Conarch Standard Designs