Seoul High Wire, South Korea

To design the tightrope to be used for the first world championship of tightrope walking and the method of its erection
Steel ENC Co Ltd
End Client:

In May 2007 competitors from all over the World took part in the First World High-Wire Championships in Seoul, during which was a Guinness World Record attempt for the longest high-wire crossing, which was designed by Tony Gee.

The wire stretched 1000m across the Han River, supported on 25m-high temporary towers on each bank. The design was complicated by the need to meet a number of unusual serviceability criteria, including the steepness of the cable and clearances for balancing-poles from secondary stabilising cables and guys, as well as more normal concerns such as shipping clearance constraints. A very short programme for design and installation necessitated close co-operation between the designer and contractor.

Tony Gee was also responsible for development of the erection methodology and specialist temporary works, including shore-based cable handling temporary works and river-borne temporary rafts and associated equipment.

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