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Roof erection construction engineering, temporary works design, site liaison / supervision
Yongnam Engineering & Construction (PTE) Ltd
End Client:
Dragages Singapore

Tony Gee was engaged for the Construction Engineering and Temporary Works design of the fixed roof erection for the new 55,000 seat multi-purpose National Stadium. We also provided site supervision services throughout construction.

The structure has a heavy architectural influence. The roof spans 340m about each principal axis to give the crowd a completely unimpeded view of events. The structural members are tubular steel trusses, the interaction of which demanded high quality fabrication and site assembly. The roof skeleton was propped from temporary trestles during construction, some of which were up to 70m tall. Others were supported from the concrete frame for the terracing and thus limits had to be placed upon the load reactions at these locations.

Tony Gee performed staged analysis on the locked-in forces during the construction, and 3D finite element analysis on the complex connections to ensure they were within the design allowance during the erection process.

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