Skypark, Marina Bay Sands Hotel


Structural engineering consultant Tony Gee was retained by the client to review the design of the Skypark section of the Marina Bay Sands Development. The Skypark is a 380 m long structure that bridges across all three hotel towers that form the core of the MBS development, and then cantilevers some 65 m to the north of the end tower.

It is the longest habitable cantilever in the world. This form of structure involved several unusual design considerations including torsional effects, wind stresser and people-induced vibration. The method of construction was also of considerable interest, the sky park being perched on top of 55-storey buildings.

Tony Gee also provided the conceptual design for the Events Area: a public open space with variable-height staging to provide a versatile arena.


SynopsisReview of mechanical, structural and marine design of a new lifting deck system with a view to economy, erection simplification and programme savings
ContractorMarina Bay Sands
End ClientMarina Bay Sands
Sectors and ServicesCommercial
Construction methodology
Lifting, sliding and moving systems
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