Sky Plaza, Hong Kong International Airport

Hong Kong

The roof of the impressive business and entertainment complex adjacent to the Hong Kong International Airport comprises a highly complex ‘wave’ structure.

Tony Gee was asked by a contractor during the tender period to investigate alternate construction methods for the erection of the roof, taking particular account of time, cost, erection tolerances and interfaces with the other parts of construction. The
roof comprises primary structural steel trusses supported on a 36 x 36 metre grid of columns with secondary trusses and frames in between. The overall plan size is 200m x 165m.

Following successful tender, the detailed erection method, associated temporary works and modifications to the permanent works design to improve buildability were designed by Tony Gee. This included the design of overhead erection gantries which were used to lift roof sub-assemblies to the required level and transport them to their final location, site truss connections and steel reinforced column connections. Roof deflection calculations were also prepared to allow precamber to be incorporated into fabrication.


SynopsisDesign of alternative construction methods and temporary works for roof erection, modifications to improve the buildability of the permanent works design
ContractorChun Wo-Fujita JV
End ClientHong Kong International Airport Authority
Sectors and ServicesAirports
Permanent works design
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