Standen Hey Overbridge, Lancashire, UK

Preparation of Options Report, produce Approval in Principle documentation and detailed design of the bridge deck
Birse Rail
End Client:
Network Rail LNW Territory

Tony Gee was responsible for the bridge deck design for the UK’s first vehicle carrying Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) bridge deck to span over a railway, replacing the existing over-line bridge at Standen Hey, Lancashire. The deck design is likely to act as a template for future railway over-bridge deck replacements in the future.

The completed bridge deck comprises up to three layers of ASSET panel deck units and weighs only 20 tonnes. It spans 10 m between the original abutments, which were modified with precast concrete cill beams in order to accommodate the new deck.

The panels were made in Denmark and are and made from E-glass fibres in the form of bi-axial mats within a UV resistant resin matrix.

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