Taiwan Highspeed Rail


The Taiwan High Speed Rail project, running from one end of Taiwan to the other comprises 345km of high-speed rail with a design speed of 350 kilometres per hour.

Tony Gee provided a key part to the project as one third of the organisation led by Lloyds Register and including AEA Technology Rail in the combined role of the Independent Verification and Validation project team.

Tony Gee brought experience in the areas of viaduct and station design and construction to the group and employed specialist sub-consultant Dr Sauer for assistance with the demanding geotechnical and tunnelling elements of the project.

The majority of the railway is either on elevated viaduct or through tunnels, which when added to the special environmental conditions in Taiwan, including earthquakes and typhoons, makes for some challenging engineering.


SynopsisProvided knowledge in viaduct and station design and construction
ContractorLloyds Register
End ClientTaiwan Highspeed Rail Consortium
Sectors and ServicesRail
Permanent works design
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