The Advanced Composite Truss (ACTS)

Research project for carbon fibre composite trusses
Network Rail, Bentley Motors, Airbus, NP Aerospace, Sigmatex, Composite Integration, Pipex Structural Composites, Qinetiq, Nottingham and Oxford Brooks University

A 42-month long research project to facilitate development of lightweight carbon fibre composite trusses for use in UK civil engineering infrastructure, aeronautical and automotive applications is due for completion in September 2011. The project is funded by the Project Partners and The UK’s Technology Strategy Board.

Truss structures are used to provide strength and stiffness for bridges, cars, aircraft wings and military vehicles and using lighter and stronger materials in their construction will promote more fuel efficient transport, lower carbon emissions and reduced times for installation of bridges on the UK’s rail network.

During the project carbon fibre joining nodes are being designed and manufactured using state-of-the-art 3D woven and 2D aligned short fibre technology before undergoing a programme of load testing and non-destructive evaluation.

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 The Advanced Composite Truss (ACTS)