Tomatin Substation

Scotland, UK

Tony Gee was commissioned by R J McLeod to design the earthworks platform and drainage for Tomatin Substation as part of the Knocknagael to Tomatin transmission reinforcement. Tony Gee developed RJ McLeod’s alternative scheme design to amend the platform location and orientation. Following discussions with the planning authorities, the alternative proposal was approved. The work reduced the visual impact of the works, improved the drainage design such that the flow regime through adjacent peat areas continued as previously. Other benefits included reduced bulk earthworks demand with a cut/fill balance for the works and a significant reduction in the peat excavation.

On a separate commission for I&H Brown, Tony Gee also designed abutment extensions for a water course bridge crossing on the access to the substation. The existing Farr wind farm access bridge required some modification. Tony Gee designed abutment extensions for the deck level to be raised so suit the vertical clearance parameters for the girder frame trailer arrangement used for the transformer delivery. The work involved assessing the stability of the existing abutment and providing a design for a prefabricated steel abutment extensions as well as details of the bolted connections to the existing abutment.


SynopsisRoads, Drainage and Earthworks design services
ContractorRJ McLeod and I & H Brown
End ClientSSE Networks
Sectors and ServicesPower & Energy
Permanent works design
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